One of the group companies of Koloğlu Holding, SU BİLGİ offers numerous products and services in many areas including but not limited to Central IT Acquisitions, Infrastructure Design, Security, Corporate Mobility, Business Solutions, Software Development, Operational Management, Digital Communication, and Auditing and IT Consulting Services. SU BİLGİ is capable of digitalizing the total value chain from the supply chains of customers to customer experience with proactive products and services offered on a need basis.

Developing strong strategical partnerships with the world’s largest technology producers, SU BİLGİ connects its customers’ needs during their digital transformation journey with the correct business partners to create an effective ecosystem.

R&D and Innovation Center, located at ARP Tower Business Center in Ankara, creates projects that not only serve the development of both the industry and country but also offer a competitive advantage, with its engineers who produce solutions now for tomorrow’s needs.